20. PROSECUW Project filming in Islamic Community of Amadora

PROSECUW Project film shootings to collect testimonies from religious leaders of the Amadora Islamic Community.

These leaders stated the very good integration and inclusion of their community with locals in Amadora, a municipality in Lisbon surrounds. They are mainly Africans coming from Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, and other countries, adding their migrant condition to the worship of a different religion from the Catholic mainstream in Portugal.

Mr. Mamadou Diallo (Cola) is the president of the community and stressed the importance of Portuguese Government work, Amadora Town Hall, Academia like Lusofona University, other NGOs, and local associations in general, contributing to the positive vibes between longtime inhabitants and newcomers.

PROSECUW team had very productive meetings with this community, and a good communication flow and dialogue is established between religious leaders of all communities within the country.