21. PROSECUW at KDDM Cup in Düsseldorf

Content: During the last 10 years the KDDM-Cup, organised by Kreis der Düsseldorfer Muslime, got a really big event, including a family celebration under the auspices of the Mayor of Düsseldorf. In this year, 12.000 people came to have a nice time, fantastic food and watching the teams of the different Muslim communities in Düsseldorf playing football and basketball.

The German PROSECUW-team used the chance to present the project to the visitors and discuss the current situation. Many people criticized, that Muslim places of worship, especially Mosques, are not protected, although the number of attacks is growing. While the police and many other security measures protect Jewish places, they feel left alone with their problems.

The German PROSECUW team from Akademie Klausenhof informed them about the project in general, but also gave information about the planned events and workshops and hopes to see some of the visitors again at upcoming events or the upcoming workshops.

Read more: https://kddm-online.de/ (in German)


Source: by Mandy Stalder-Thon, Akademie Klausenhof