22. Akademie Klausenhof establishes cooperation with intercultural Network

Content: The Klausenhof Academy (Germany) was very pleased to have the opportunity to present the PROSECUW project to the Intercultural Network Westmünsterland. The network connects people of different faiths who mostly work in the field of integration and thus also come into contact with people who suffer from intolerance and hate crimes on religious grounds. The AK team presented the state of affairs at PROSECUW and made the participants curious with a teaser of the documentary. “We are happy that we could use this great network to present our ideas and start an exchange on issues of security”, the AK team expressed their satisfaction afterwards. The network and the AK have already started planning the next event to deepen the PROSECUW topics.

Read more: https://www.interkulturelles-netzwerk-westmuensterland.de/de/startseite/ (in German)

Source: by Mandy Stalder-Thon, Akademie Klausenhof