The personal data that will be received in this registration and Hub member participation will be used in the context and for the needs of the PROSECUW project and the PROSECUW Hub only, as well as for the needs of the Hub’s communication, dissemination, contacting and exchange of information, as well as for the needs of the promotion of the hub to the social media and the press, if needed.

By registering to the PROSECUW Hub I agree to participate in the project PROSECUW “PROtection ans SECUrity for places of Worship” (ISFP-2020-AG-PROTECT-Project number: 101034232) which is currently being developed by the PROSECUW partnership. I hereby declare that:

  1. I have been informed about the PROSECUW project and Hub and I have understood what the project and Hub is about and what it aims to achieve.
  2. I agree that all my data entered will be used among the hub members to share information, send and receive notifications and messages and be contacted within the framework of the PROSECUW Hub.
  3. I accept that any images, photos or videos captured in the scope of the PROSECUW Hub (meetings, conferences, other events and gatherings) may be used only in the scope of the PROSECUW Hub, as a way of sharing information and dissemination through the adequate channels of the project’s partners (websites, social media, resources platform), renouncing in advance to any rights or compensation that may eventually result from such use.
  4. The information provided shall only be used for this project and Hub and for the greater promotion, dissemination and further exploitation of opportunities, synergies and other activities, pertaining to the thematic area of the project and the ultimate mission and vision to ensure the protection and security for places of worship in Europe and beyond.
  5. I expressly authorise the PROSECUW Hub to take photographs, record videos and publish images to promote the Hub and its activities on social networks, newsletters or websites. The authorisation granted in this contract is free, indefinite and revocable at any time by the signatory.
  6. I am entitled to obtain confirmation of how my personal data is being process, I have the right to access them, rectify any errors or request their removal from the database when they are no longer needed by writing to www.prosecuwproject.eu and/or to the PROSECUW Project Coordinator at panayiota.constanti@csicy.com