4. EU quick guide to support the protection of places of worship

10 July 2021

Author: Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

The European Commission’s action plans to fight terrorism and improve EU’s internal security (such as the EU Security Union Strategy, the EU Counter Terrorism Agenda, and the EU Action Plan to support the protection of public spaces), are fully committed to protecting public spaces. This includes places of worship, which are regular targets of terrorist attacks, due to their open, accessible, and symbolic nature. Focus is put on strengthening their protection by fostering cooperation between communities of different faiths and national authorities, and by financing projects that enhance their protection.

The EU quick guide to support the protection of places of worship was created by DG HOME’s Protective Security Advisory team and police units of the EU High Risk Security Network (founded in 2018, to support the protection of public spaces and high-risk locations). The EU Operators’ Forum for the protection of public spaces, consisting of public authorities and private stakeholders that include faith communities, was also consulted in the creation of the guide.

This guide aims at helping smaller and medium-sized places of worship to enhance awareness and security preparedness, by listing basic vulnerability assessment steps, without altering the nature and purpose of the space.

Read the full Guide here: https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/whats-new/publications/eu-quick-guide-support-protection-places-worship_en?fbclid=IwAR1K5sEpSJjHg1rs4tFdJhDySeWm22Ol7Viweywlh0NHp5IgRt7YPFoWXWc#files