12. PROSECUW 1st Face-to-Face Transnational Partners Meeting

Nicosia, Cyprus | 10 – 11/03/2022

After a fruitful year of continuous and high-quality work among an excellent consortium of expert partners on the thematic area of the protection and security in places of worship, and as the covid-related situation finally permitted us, the 1st PROSECUW face-to-face Transnational Partners Meeting, took place on the 10th and 11th March 2022, in Nicosia, Cyprus, in order to constructively discuss the latest updates of the project and effectively coordinate on the upcoming tasks and activities. The consortium, during the spring, will work on the PROSECUW training modules and develop the specialized training material focused on guidelines, terms and manuals on the protection and security for places of worship, for religious leaders, security agents and the local authorities.

The meeting was successfully completed and was followed by a specialized guided tour by the Center for Social Innovation external collaborator and professional tour guide, Mr. Marios Antoniou, who guided us through an interesting tour through the most significant places of worship within the walled old city center of Nicosia, all of them with an important value when it comes to our religious, historical and cultural heritage