Akademie Klausenhof



The Akademie Klausenhof is a youth and adult education institution in Germany. It is particularly distinguished by the fact that it offers many different courses in one place, where learners can also stay for longer periods of time. The house can offer around 600 overnight accommodations at its two main locations in a rural region in western Germany. A total of about 310 people work for the academy. The focus of the offer is on vocational training and retraining for the unemployed and people with limitations, chronic illnesses or disabilities. An important field of work is the integration of people with a migration background or refugees (integration courses, language courses, school-leaving courses, projects). In addition, there is a department that mainly deals with non-formal adult education, political education, job-related further education and projects. The Klausenhof runs also a home in the field of youth welfare, especially for young refugees and migrants.
The Akademie Klausenhof operates as a Catholic foundation and non-profit company and acts independently. It is the largest institution of its kind in Germany. Its most important concern is to give disadvantaged people educational and developmental opportunities and to stand up for democracy and human rights.