Topic 1 Hate crime / Hate speech

Please watch the video explanation of the term hate crime:

Hate crimes include criminal acts motivated by bias against members of specific social groups (among which are religious communities). It includes hate speech among other acts (such as physical abuse, damage to property or to human life, lynching etc.). One form of hate crime associated with religion mentioned in the video is painting of swastikas on Jewish synagogues. Can you think of other forms of religious hate crimes?

Please watch the video on fighting hate speech by the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng:

Hate speech usually proceeds hate crime and often lead to this. Those subject to hate speech need to feel and be protected by the whole community. Can you think of ways through which we can stand for those who suffer hate speech in general? And more specifically, on cases of religion-associated hate speech?

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