Topic 1 Hubs built to last

  • The long-term success of the project depends on the engagement and commitment of the hub members within the group. The hub is essentially the group of people constituting it and working together. The creation of ties among hub members is a key factor for the durability and sustainability of this initiative.
  • Nurturing and maintaining connections is at the heart of every successful hub.
  • Knowing the breadth of your community and understanding the full scope of their needs is vital to ensure you provide the best possible hub environment and relevant activities. Finding effective messages and channels to engage and communicate with all stakeholders puts the hub at a strong position to achieve its goal.

A hub can be seen as a system of relationships, both internally and externally.

The scope of your stakeholder network can be extensive.

Some will have more influence on the success of your hub than others.

By building connections and trust with different types of stakeholders, you can inspire new ideas, create opportunities for your network, and achieve success.