Topic 1 Keeping the hub functioning

One of the main challenges is to turn the hub into a living organism, with everyone feeling part of the same group and aware of the importance and practical interest of the hub for everyone’s security.

There is a natural trend to reduce the activity and the communication between members, and to exchange ideas and information only during meetings. The biggest challenge will be to overcome this trend and to keep the group communicating and sharing information in a frequent basis.


Hub culture is essential to the long-term success and resilience of the hub.

Hub culture can be understood as the personality of the hub shaped by shared values, beliefs, and behaviours.

The success of your hub is closely tied to the experience of the people who interact with it. The leaders need to create the best possible culture and working environment.

This starts with the values of the hub: the principles and beliefs that guide behaviour and decision-making. Alignment with the hub values and a good general environment around hub members will create a consistent experience in the relationships established and the activities provided.

  • When people come together, they create shared behaviour, whether intentionally or unintentionally. By considering the different elements that make up your hub, you can shape culture in line with your values and vision. Identifying your values is important when making decisions.
  • You can purposefully shape the culture of your hub according to the values and vision and respond to the need you have defined in a structured way.
  • This will help ensure consistency across the experience of your hub members, and wider network.

Considering the full extent of your hub’s current and potential benefits and services, it ensures that activities are aligned with your vision and operating model. Grouping similar activities by theme, format, or other characteristics can help you form ‘programs’ of work.

By developing a deep understanding of your activities, you can more easily assess impact and prioritise resources to deliver those that bring the greatest benefit to your hub and its users. Effectively managing and coordinating the activities, your hub’s benefits and services can ensure that you have a differentiated, attractive, and sustainable hub with full benefits and services.