Topic 1 Place of worship

A place of worship, according to Collins Dictionary, is a building where people gather to worship together, such as a church, synagogue, or a mosque’ (Collins Dictionary). So, by definition, such a place includes the notion of community.

The reason why the community of faith decided on the suitability of a specific sacred place varies in cultures and in history. In some cases, there was ‘by virtue of the holy’s appearing at that place. Sacred places were also sites of natural and historical significance for the community. Hills or mountains, where there was safety from enemies, and other such areas’ (Britannica)..

A place of worship is one of the main characteristics that are found in what is commonly accepted as religions.

It is evident from the above that the faithful are seeking security and safety at their places of worship.


1. What else do you believe someone is searching for in a sacred place? How does this affect the sense of safety within a place of worship?

2. Please watch the video ‘The Power of Religion in a Turbulent World’: 

Now, list the ways in which civil society organisations can promote peace in areas with religious conflicts.