Topic 1 Religious communities in need of support

  • Religious hate crimes
  • Inflict damage upon the religious communities
  • The religious communities are vulnerable
  • Religious communities are in need of support

Only in one year (2018):

  • Over 1000 of Christians were arrested because of their religion.
  • More than 100 Churches had been under attack
  • The private properties of 15 Christians had been violated
  • Other minorities apart from Christians suffer discrimination too
  • Anna Hill, said in the European parliament that the country has climbed 20 places at the World Watch list since 2018


  • The fundamental value of respect for human rights in the EU includes the rights of minorities
  • The Employment Equality Directive (Council Directive 2000/78/EC): Sets a broad framework on equality in any working environment & strictly prohibits direct and indirect forms of religious discrimination
  • Other measures include: Collecting data, best practices exchange, fundraising to help minorities.

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Do you think that EU legislation and practices are adequate to protect religious minorities in need of support?

Do you know any other religious minorities within the Union that are equally vulnerable and go through violations?