Topic 2 Places of worship under attack

Where in Europe happen most attacks against places of worship?

Christian places of worship are mostly under attack in France, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy (Sybicki, 2022).

Muslim and Jewish places of worship attacks are more prevalent in Germany, the UK, and France (Sybicki, 2022).

Examples of attacks against places of worship in Europe:

In 2017, a monk made an attack and used vandalism at a Holocaust memorial in the Greek city of Larissa (United States Department of State, Office of International Religious Freedom, 2019).

In 2010, there was an attack at the church of ‘Most Holy Trinity’ in Portugal, where the Shrine of Fatima was vandalised. The statues of the church were vandalised and written graffiti was related to Islam (Catholic News Agency, 2010).

Recently, and more specifically in 2021, a Protestant church was heavily vandalised in Germany, with huge damages in the building (Meuwissen, 2021).

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Apart from the previous section, what would be other ways and stakeholders that can be used to increase community resilience for religious communities under threat?

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