Topic 2 The conflict between Greek-Cypriot Christians and Turkish-Cypriot Muslims in Cyprus

Since the 1974 invasion and subsequent Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus, tensions between the two communities have also been mediated by their religious beliefs. As a result, anti-Muslim sentiments on the one side and anti-Christian feelings on the other, lead to hate speech, attacks and crimes.

Below you see some examples:

Anti-Semitic language and related racist and hate speech

Closure and neglect of mosques

Discrimination and bullying against Muslim students

Harassment of believers

Vandalism, looting and destruction of religious monuments such as churches and cemeteries

Discrimination against one religious minority by another religious minority

Attacks on property of Muslims by right-wing extremist groups

Control, restriction or prevention of access to religious places by the police or the military

Discrimination against Muslim men and women in the labour market

Exclusion of Christians who convert to another religion