Topic 3 How to prepare, create and initiate a hub

There is a need to identify potential hub members, and to invite the potential future members to a meeting in order to explain the purpose of the hubs.

Project partners shall promote the first meeting of the hub and take the responsibility to coordinate the hub during the first year.

Due to security issues the communication between hub members should be done bilaterally by the coordinator and mailing lists should be avoided.

The meetings shall be conducted face-to-face.

Important to know:

  • By understanding your stakeholders, you can identify and prioritize those who influence your success, ensuring that your activities meet the needs of your community and that your communications are focused.
  • Planning for success and making an impact are essential to the success of your hub. Whether it's to maintain your current situation or take a new direction, planning for action and measuring success will highlight the benefits your hub offers.
  • Classifying different types of stakeholders allows you to think about what messages are important to them and how to reach them. Knowing the types of relationships, you have with different stakeholders means you can prioritize those that can directly influence your success over those that may have a lesser impact.
  • When you clearly see the importance of each connection to achieving your goal, you can plan how to manage the relationship and allocate your efforts and resources appropriately.
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