Topic 3 Message dissemination and network continuous growth

The hub communication and dissemination strategy is designed to help the network and its members to communicate effectively both internally and externally and meet the objectives of the PROSECUW hub.

The primary goal of the communication and dissemination strategy is to influence the knowledge, attitude, and behavior of the defined target groups towards the protection and security for places of worship and communities under the cooperation with the hub. To reach this overall objective, the dissemination strategy will aim to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Inform the audience about the initiatives of the hub
  • Promote the uptake of the outcomes and results to the key stakeholders within and beyond the scope of the hub
  • Engage with partners and stakeholders to (continue to) collaborate with one another and to contribute to the goals and activities of the hub
  • Online communication tools - Web-based channels and other instruments favor a faster and a more efficient dissemination of information, while allowing the creation of a stronger, more interconnected network.
  • Offline communication tools - Alongside online communication, the hub needs a series of basic offline communication material to be shown during events or every time the hub needs to be presented at a face-to-face meeting.
  • Events - Face-to-face encounters favor the network and fruitful relations, which allow a direct exchange of knowledge and expertise. To organise and participate in events represents a great opportunity to enhance the hub visibility.
  • Press - External communication will be favored also by press relations. The press is the means and tool, through which to reach key targeted stakeholders, as well as the general public.