Topic 3 Video watching

This activity:

  • Intends to inspire the participants with the words of a wise yogi.
  • Will enhance the critical thinking skills of the participants
  • Will engage the participants into dialogue

  • A participant comments on the video
  • The trainer asks other participants if they want to respond, to express agreement or disagreement with the previous comment
  • A dialogue session starts between the participants.

1.As long as people believe in something, conflict is inevitable”: Do you agree or disagree with Sadhguru’s statement? Justify your answer.

2.In your opinion, what’s the difference (if any) between religious-based conflict and other types of conflicts? (for example, geopolitical). Justify your answer.

3.Name three consequences of religious-based conflict and mention: Who do they harm most (victims, the society etc.), what are possible solutions in order to combat them and  who is responsible to fight the issue?

4.Do you think there will be an end to all these conflicts one day? Justify your answer.