Topic 4 Between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Germany

A special focus in Germany always lies on Jewish communities, as the German governments have a special relationship in protecting them. Also, for Muslim communities there is a need for more and more safety measures as they also get in the focus of the right-wing extremists.


Although Jews only have a small percentage in the German population, antisemitism is quite a big problem. There are many programmes supporting especially Jewish communities with the money and police they need to feel safe. Unfortunately, there is still the need for Jews to feel free to live their religious belief in Germany. The money  is spent by the national government and administered through the federal governments who know best where to spend it most effectively.  


Dealing with the Islam, the focus most times is on avoiding the becoming of radical Islamic fundamentalists. Only in the last years, the security issues get more in the focus. The problem for the Muslim communities in Germany is that they are not an acknowledged religious community with special rights and claims, like Christians or Jews, but only cultural associations, comparable to theatre, art or sports unions.