Topic 4 Examples of dealing with hate crime in the EU

There are several EU initiatives against hate crimes and in favour of victim support

Already in June 2020, the European Commission has published a Roadmap for ‘EU Strategy on victims’ rights (2020-2025), with the following main priorities: to empower victims of crimes, to improve the protection and support especially for the most vulnerable victims, to facilitate the victims’ access to compensation, to strengthen cooperation and coordination, as well as the international dimension regarding the rights of victims (European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), 2022).

However, there is still road to cover because according to a report of the EU (Euronews, 2021):

  • 90% of these crimes do not get reported.
  • Even though people report to have received attacks these are not counted as such
  • There is the need to alter the situation of unreported and uncounted crimes, in order to have a clear image of what is happening in Europe in order to better combat it.
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