Topic 4 The long-run vision: European network of hubs

  • PROSECUW Hubs shall be replicated to all European Union countries.
  • Network of hubs shall be directly interconnected and work on a global platform of organisations.
  • Each country shall have a hub coordination to facilitate communication within the European network.
  • Respecting data protection constraints, under European rules and law, hubs shall be share information.

If information is POWER… to share information is SUPERPOWER!

Activity 1

‘Battle of Ideas’

How can the hub work contribute for the security and protection for places of worship? Three volunteers should present their ideas, followed by a debate with everyone’s participation.

Activity 2

‘Communication Campaign Plan for Social Media’

Please create and plan a campaign for social media to foster protection and security for places of worship. Please define: Goal, Audience, Message, Media, Action, Monitoring and Evaluation

Activity 3


Please match the words (more than one word may match the word in the other group). Explain your choice. Share your point of view.

Group A: Police, NGO, Religious leaders, Academic researchers, Schools / Educators

Group B: Children, Counter narratives for hate speech, Radicalization, Prevention, Tolerance